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CSTA Maryland was established as your local computer science community. This chapter was built to connect you with other computer science teachers, provide professional development to help you improve your craft, and connect your local voice to the national computer science education community.
CSTA Maryland is a non-profit public charity registered with the federal government under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), and with the State of Maryland. All donations to CSTA Maryland are tax-deductible under that code. Donations/checks, or requests for financial reports, can be mailed to: CSTA Maryland - ATTN: Nick Yates - Treasurer, 3238 Abell Ave, Baltimore, Maryland 21218.
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This store was established to help meet our yearly fundraising goals and support Computer Science initiatives across the state of Maryland. On May 4th, 2024 we will be holding In Person Meetups across the state. Show your CSTA Maryland pride and order a shirt to wear to the event. Thank you in advance for your support of computer science in education.

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